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We are two young technology enthusiastic guys from Germany: Alkaipone, database operator and Turbo Egon, phd in physics and development engineer, both in the german automotive industry. We are closely involved in the Cardano project since the beginning of 2018. It all started with the well-known white board video by Charles Hoskinson which showed us that Cardano has a lot of potential. Because of our fascination for the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, we decided to operate a stake pool by ourselves. We started our career as pool operators within the last two months of the Incentivized Testnet and then moved over to the MC4 Testnet where we could collect a lot of experience. Now we run the NOVA Pool Germany since epoch zero of the Shelley Mainnet! So feel free to use our social media channels to get more information and statistics about our Pool! It would be a great honor for us if you decide to delegate your stake to our small pool in the sense of decentralization.

TurboEgon & Alkaipone


With Cardano's vision of using as less energy as possible, we decided against a bare metal server. In order to have the best possible stability we host our stakepool on a virtual privat server (VPS 300) from the german provider CONTABO with 4GB RAM and a 100 Mbit/s internet connection.


  • Pledge: 15000 ADA

  • Fixed Fee: 340 ADA

  • Variable Fee: 2%

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